Thursday, February 16, 2012

Counterfeit Medicine

Your friends at MedPro Pharmacy are committed to your health as well as keeping you updated on important drug information.  Unfortunately, the distribution of counterfeit drugs is on the rise in the U.S.  This is very serious, very scary and the FDA has to date contacted 19 medical practices in California, Texas and Chicago warning them about counterfeit drugs. Specifically regarding an unapproved cancer medicine that may include the counterfeit Avastin. The counterfeit version is labeled as Avastin and is an injectable medicine that is administered to patients in clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices and the counterfeit version of Avastin does NOT contain the medicine’s active ingredient, bevacizumab. This means that their patients may NOT have received their much needed therapy.

This photo (courtesy of the AP) shows a counterfeit package for the cancer drug Avastin. The maker of Avastin is warning doctors and patients about counterfeit vials of the product distributed in the U.S. Roche's Genentech unit and says the fake products DO NOT contain the key ingredient in Avastin.

When you fill your prescriptions at Medpro Pharmacy, you can be confident that we only purchase our drugs from the most reputable, creditable manufacturers. We sincerely care about your families and will continue to provide you with the highest quality medicine available. Please feel free to contact our Pharmacy with any questions about the latest information on drug recalls.

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